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Important Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency is one that serves both companies and job seekers, bit with the intention of fulfilling their needs; companies find perfect employees while the candidates find jobs. Recruitment agencies continue to grow in popularity because of their benefits which is a good thing given they were overlooked for several years. Partnering with a recruitment agency can be beneficial to the firm as a whole but unfortunately very few people realize the full benefits of working with a recruitment agency. Below are some benefits of working with a staffing firm.

When you partner with a recruitment agency you will get access to the best job candidates in the market because they have a large pool of pre-screened and referenced candidates which means you only meet candidates who have been assessed and interviewed. Partnering with a recruitment agency will save you time; you won’t have to allocate time and resources for interviews and screening candidates because this is the job of the agency and thus you enjoy faster filling of the vacant positions you have. Working with a recruitment agency means that only candidates who with the specific qualities will be shortlisted to fill the vacant position in your firm.

Recruitment agencies will get candidates who are genuinely interested in filling the open roles in your firm because they also operate on contingency fee; they only get paid if a placement has been done. Recruitment agencies also additional services like psychometric test to give you insight into your potential employee, something that is usually very time consuming. Recruitment agencies have a level of expertise that exceeds way more than most in-house human resource departments of most firms which puts them in contact with people from various industries.

Through their conversations with clients and candidates, these agencies gain some important market knowledge which you will benefit from because they entail things like career expectations and market trends. Recruitment agencies usually conduct a lot of things like potential employee interviews, screening, background checks and drug testing so you don’t spend money on any of that.

Recruitment agencies have an extended reach and there is a high possibility they can reach those passive talents that you are looking for. Hiring a recruitment agency will give you flexibility in your recruitment planning to meet market demands; they will give you temporary candidates to help you meet the market demands without much hassle. Working with a recruitment agency will save you the hassle of short listing the right candidates because it becomes their job. Partnering with a recruitment agency is advantageous through the ways discussed above.

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