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A Guide on How to Roll a Joint

It is quite evident that most people, especially the youth, engage in smoking weed where the product is legal. There are different ways in which the product can be consumed basing on the preference of the user. One of the most preferred ways of consuming cannabis is through the joint. Since most cannabis consumers use a joint, they should be in position to roll it on their own. There are numerous ways of rolling a joint and whichever way you use, the creation has to come out as anticipated. Things like a preferred cannabis strain, cannabis grinder, rolling papers as well as crutch are mandatory to have when rolling a joint. Rolling a joint can be challenging especially for beginners hence the need for a guideline on how to go about it. Outlined in this article is a guide on how to roll a joint.

First of all, you ought to grind the cannabis strain of your choice as the first step to rolling a joint. The particular cannabis strain should be well dried so that the grinding process is made easier. In this case, a cannabis grinder or any other breakdown tool is very useful to prevent your hands from becoming sticky. After the grinding process, you can go to the next step.

The second tip on how to roll a joint is creating a joint crutch or filter. Any material can be used to create a crutch but the preferred materials are thin cardboard or business cards. Several joint papers usually come with crutch material. keeping the cannabis shake inside the joint is the function of the crutch as well as enhancing the stability of the joint. once this is done, you can fill the preferred joint paper with the cannabis shake and the crutch then form a shape with your fingers.

The next step is packing and rolling the joint. Since the joint paper has already been loaded and shaped, there is need to pack it so that the cannabis is well shaped. The next thing is rolling and it is done by starting with the unglued side of the joint paper towards the glued side and tacking using some moisture. The rest parts of the joint can then be tacked and sealed following what has been done on one end.

Finally, you can then finish your joint by packing the end to ensure an even burn is achieved. Closing the tip of the joint is very necessary if the joint is not to be smoked immediately and it can be done by twisting it. There are many other ways to roll a joint and this article should help you get started from the outlined steps.
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